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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les Français et apprendre le français. Welcome to France!


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Craving for a real French pate??


we can help you at Mondizen, your online French shop. If you are looking...

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What do you do when you miss France?


For us, at mondizen your online French shop, it is clear, if we feel home-sick,...

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Boudin, do you know the French black pudding?


Boudin is a really famous kind of "charcuterie" in France and many of our...

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Saint Barbara's wheat tradition in Provence


As I said last time, in December, I will take you to a journey through...

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Are you looking for a souvenir from France?


You've been to France and you loved a specific region or a particular dish?...

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Buy a unique beret made in France


A few days ago, I was talking to you about this French manufacturer of...

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What we love about France: fashion!


That's for sure! On Mondizen, we really enjoy France, the French food (we...

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French papillotes, a few more words about this traditional treat!


Yes, in France, if you look for something traditional, the papillotes are...

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What we love about Provence...


So many things... For most of the French people, when they talk about Provence,...

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Let's discover France: Gerberoy


This week, we travel to the North of France to discover the beautiful village...

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