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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les Français et apprendre le français. Welcome to France!



Welcome !

You have to go to France or you're already here and things are not so easy ?

You sometimes feel lost in this new country and find it difficult to understand the culture ?

You don't know what to do with these administrative documents in your hand ?

You have no idea why you should go to your "préfecture" or "centre des impôts" but you have to go there... except you don't know where it is.

Do you want to try some French recipes, to cook something French ?

You have a recipe ?

But what are the ingredients ? What do they look like ? Where can you find them ?


You've seen some ingredients in the store, but you don't know what they are and you don't know how to use them ?


Here is the answer : a practical and straightforward guide with photos and explanations, so that you can better understand France, French food and maybe French people (who knows!).

Anyway, I hope I can help you with this, if you have any question, leave a comment, I'll answer you.

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