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Yes, in France, if you look for something traditional, the papillotes are exactly what you need.

During the Christmas period, we have papillotes from time to time during the day, with a coffe or a tea. We have papillotes at the end of our meals.

On Christmas day, we put a lot of papillotes with the presents, under the Christmas tree. If you want, you can also hang some papillotes on your Christmas tree. They won't last long!


And then, it's a real tradition, a moment of sharing between the family: we read the quotations inside the papillotes and try to guess who they are from, we try to guess what they mean, laugh and have a very good time.


Papillotes are really representative of a French Christmas. Christmas without papillotes, it's not really Christmas for French people!

So now, we are happy to bring your papillotes right to your door and to deliver them internationally with all the French products you love, including your favorite foie gras and duck confit!

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