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So many things...

For most of the French people, when they talk about Provence, they think about holidays, summer, the sea, lavender, cigales, petanque in a small village, Pastis.


Yes, Provence is lovely. Their food too.

I don't know if you ever tried the calissons and nougat from Provence. What a treat! In Provence, you will also find rose wine and so many other good things.

And Provence has these wonderful lavender fields.

Lavender is a very famous product from Provence. You will not find lavender in any other part of France. 

On Mondizen, we could find a small producer of lavender-based cosmetics products, including the real "savon de Marseille". These products are new on Mondizen and we are delighted to share them with you.

If you go to Mondizen, your online French store, you will discover our new selection of Provence products from France. This offer includes soaps (savon de Marseille), body lotion, hand cream, liquid soap, soaps with essential oils. We have a lovely range of well-being and cosmetics products from Provence with a very nice lavender fragrance.


These products are all made in the South of France. Yes! In the Provence region!

Their packaging is beautiful and they will make very nice gifts from France. 

So  if you are looking for a unique French gift or for a piece of Provence to be with you abroad, then our "Panier des Sens" selection will charm you.


Mondizen is your French shop, we share our love of France with you and always look for new French products to bring right to your home.

Enjoy your shopping on Mondizen and see you soon!

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