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Saint Barbara's wheat tradition in Provence

As I said last time, in December, I will take you to a journey through the different regions and Christmas traditions in France.


This week, we will go to Provence. In this beautiful French region, Christmas begins on December the 4th at the Saint Barbara's Day (la Sainte Barbe).

People choose pretty small plates or bowl, cover them with damp cooton and scatter the Sainte Barbe's wheat or lentils.

This wheat or lentils will germinate before Christmas Eve. A good germination of your wheat means that next year, there will be a good harvest, so prosperity. 

On Christmas Eve, people decorate their sprouted wheat with ribbons and put it on the dinner table. 

After this dinner, the germinated wheat will be placed in the creche. People keep it until Februaray 2nd.


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