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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les Français et apprendre le français. Welcome to France!


Craving for a real French pate??

we can help you at Mondizen, your online French shop.

If you are looking for a real and traditional French pate, the same kind of pate you could enjoy during your last trip to France... then we have exactly what you need.


Imagine a real pate, a real terrine made in Normandy in a small farm with high quality ingredients. Can you see this lovely farm in the French countryside?

Can you smell the woods, the flowers?

Come closer, have a look, here are all the terrines and pates produced in this farm.

Can you see these jars of beautiful pates?


Take one, open it, smell this lovely pate.

Take some pate, spread it on a slice of fresh bread.

Can you smell it? Do you see this beautiful pate?


Now, give it a try, enjoy this mouth melting texture, discover these flavours.

Welcome back to France!


We wish you a lovely degustation of your French products with Mondizen.


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