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tomates farcies / stuffed tomatoes ingredients and recipe

Here is a lovely recipe, very easy to make, but so nice and so French! All your familly will love it. Enjoy your stuffed tomatoes with a salad, and you will have a perfect meal.

Ingrédients :

6 grosses (big) tomates (tomatoes)

500 g chair à saucisse

1 oignon (onion), de l'ail (garlic)

sel, poivre (salt, pepper) to taste

Riz (rice)

1 verre de vin blanc (1 glass white wine)


Mélanger (mix) la chair à saucisse et l'oignon. Ajouter (add) sel et poivre :


Vider les tomates :


Mettre (put) the rice in a plat à gratin (ovenproof dish). Couvrir (cover) the rice with water and vin blanc (white wine)

Remplir (fill) les tomates avec la chair à saucisse.



Faire cuire au four (bake) 40-45 mn, 180°.


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