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are a kind of fresh pasta filled with cheese. They're small squares (like "ravioli" but much smaller).


How to cook  it ?

First, prepare a salad bowl and put a small bowl inside, like that :


Then, if you want to do it "the right way", separate each square ! 
If you're brave enough to do this, freeze the ravioles before, it will be easier.


Then, take a pan, boil some water, add some butter or oil.

When it starts boiling, reduce the heat, put the ravioles in the pan. Stir slowly.

When the ravioles come back up, they're ready.


Be careful, they cook very quickly (only 1 minute). Do not overcook the ravioles.

Then, do not use a sieve, just a skimmer (écumoire).


Serve immediatly. 
Add some butter and grated cheese. Bon appétit.

Where to find it ? 
"rayon frais" libre service (self service) close to the fresh pasta and charcuterie.

How to store it ?
Only a few days in the fridge, see the DLC

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