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A little while ago, my grandmother gave me her yoghurt maker, the one she used to make yoghurts with when I spent the holidays with them over twenty years ago; memories came flooding back...

Then, after having sent out an order of Alsa « Mon yaourt maison » to the U.S, I decided to go back to yoghurt.


However, I didn’t fancy plain yoghurt I fancied something tasty and delicious.


Ingredients from Mondizen:

1 sachet Alsa « mon yaourt maison »

1 teaspoon Vahine coffee essence

30g-1oz praline


Ingredients from your kitchen:

1 litre whole milk

30g-1oz Caster sugar




Pour the milk into a mixing bowl, add the sugar and the coffee essence (the flavour is quite subtle, so if you want a stronger taste add ½ teaspoon more).

Add the sachet of Alsa Mon yaourt maison. Mix well.


Pour the mixture into the recipients. Leave for 8 hours in the yoghurt maker.


Chill the yoghurts in the fridge for a few hours. When you are ready to serve sprinkle the yoghurts with a good spoonful of praline.


Bon appétit ! Enjoy !


The crunchy caramel taste of the praline goes really well with the coffee flavour. This is more than just yoghurt it’s a truly delicious dessert.

Buy the ingredients on Mondizen


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