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Look at that : it looks like an apple or a pear, but it's a quince.


How to use it ?
Do not try to eat a coing like an apple. You can't eat it raw, it's too hard.

You must cook it. 
Peel the coing, cut into pieces, weigh. Add the same weight of sugar. Heat it up. When it starts boiling (bubbling more exactly) stir for 20 minutes. Put that kind of jam on a dish, then let stand until cold. Cut into pieces, store in a box.

How to store it ?
It keeps for weeks in a dry place. Once cooked, it keeps for weeks in a box. Eat it like a snack or when you need a lot of energy.

Where to find it ?

In a supermarket "rayon fruits et légumes" or on an open market.


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