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You'll find kakis only in winter. Sometimes you will see kaki trees in gardens. They look so funny : not one single leaf, dark wook and bright fruits ! Back to the fruits list

Noix belong to the category of "fruits secs". It means they keep for a long time as long as it's in a dry place. This kind of fruit will only become dry but still be good. In this category you'll also find : noisettes (hazelnuts), amandes (almondes)....

Agrumes : from the biggest to the smallest : pamplemousse (grapefruit), orange, clémentine (or mandarine). Citron (lemon) is missing. Back to the fruits list

Back to the fruits list Do you know what is a compote, and pommes au four ?

You can get them in a supermarket but you might find better quality products on an open market. Agrumes banane / banana coing / quince clémentine fraise / strawberry kaki kiwi noix / walnut pomme - poire / apple & pear raisin blanc / grape Back to the...

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