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Check your insurance contract about your protection in case of theft “protection en cas de vol”.
Make sure the amount of your furniture (your refrigerator, beds, chairs, television ...) is the sum insured.
Clearly, your insurance may offer different "tranches" of securities. Be careful, it may be tempting to secure a slice small enough to not pay too expensive, but the day you'll have a theft or fire, your insurer will use this statement to establish what it must reimburse you. And attention because this "slice" is the base, from where there are “franchises” and all “vétustés” will be deducted ...
Also check what are your obligations to secure your home : do you need to install shutters, what type of lock, an alarm .... ?
Check these details because if you are robbed and you fail to comply with the terms of your contract your insurance may refuse to pay you.


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