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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les Français et apprendre le français. Welcome to France!



Your galette des rois is available on Mondizen!


Order your "galette des rois" on Mondizen, this delicious almond & cream...

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Rose-flavoured kir royal for Christmas


If you want to try something different and unique, exquisite and very nice,...

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Delpeyrat duck foie gras on Mondizen


Just in time for Christmas and New Year! We are happy to offer a new duck...

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Galettes des rois : available on Mondizen!


Our stock of "galette des rois" will be delivered on Wednesday! Order your...

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Lindt Pyreneens chocolates, we still have some for you!!


If you like these wonderful mouth-melting chocolates Les Pyreneens, then...

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Welcome to our new Foie Gras on Mondizen! Duck foie gras!


If you like foie gras and duck foie gras, you cannot miss the new duck...

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Sarments du Medoc, exquisite Christmas chocolates on Mondizen


Sarments du Medoc are fine dark chocolates with a beautiful shape. "Sarment"...

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You still have 2 weeks left to order your Christmas chocolates on Mondizen


To tell the truth, you have more time, but if you really want to get your...

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Mon Cheri, dark chocolate and cherry liquor...


On MOndizen, you will find a large selection of chocolates and Christmas...

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Christmas chocolates on Mondizen, international delivery


On Mondizen, you will find a large selection of Christmas chocolates. Enjoy...

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