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Marriage in France

Minimum age : 18

Depending on the situation (in case of pregnancy or with parents' approval), marriage can be celebrated even if the bride or groom is/are less than18.

Bigamy and polygamy are illegal in France.

Parents' agreement is not necessary for people above 18, you are free to choose who you want (except if it's someone of your family like a cousin for example).


« Mariage mixte » in France

By « mariage mixte » we mean a marriage between someone French and a foreigner.

Regarding the foreign person, his/her marrying conditions are determined by his/her country laws. He/she must check to his/her embassy or consulate and ask them for a « certificat de coutume » or « capacité matrimoniale ». This document will be asked by the French administration.

He/she might also be asked to show a « certificat de célibat ». This document issued by the embassy or consulate prooves this person is not already married in his/her own country.



In case of « mariage mixte » abroad

When someone French gets married abroad, the « acte de mariage » (the official record) must be written on the French « registres de l'état civil ». Only consuls or people working in an embassy can do this. Be careful, if the « acte de mariage » isn't on the « registres de l'état civil », your husband or wife might have difficulties entering the French territory.

And be careful too, if you want your marriage to be valid in France, you must have had « les bans » published in France (in the town where the French bride or bridegroom holds residency) at least 10 days before the ceremony. For this, you must contact the French ambassy or consulate at least 2 months before the date of the wedding.



Documents you need for your « dossier de mariage »





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