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Documents you need for a « dossier de mariage »

1. La « publication des bans » :

In France, a marriage must be pubicly and officially announced. This is done by publishing « les bans » at the city hall where the wedding will take place and at the city hall of the city where both the bride and groom live.

« les bans » is a document on which must be written :

- the family name of the bride and groom,

- thei first name,

- their address,

- their profession,

- where the wedding will take place.


They must be published at least 10 days before the wedding.



2. The « dossier »

It must include the « certificat de publication des bans ».

Plus for both the bride and groom :

- a « extrait d'acte de naissance » (it must have been delivered no more than 6 months before if it was issued by a consulate and no more than 3 if it was issued in France),

- passport,

- a « justificatif de domicile »,

- the list of the « témoins » (witnesses) (4 people max, they must be at least 18),

- a « certificat du notaire » but only if the bride and groom have signed a « contrat de mariage ».


Depending on your personal situation (divorced, widow or widower...) some more documents might be needed. Check with the city hall and the embassy or consulate.


In France, the bride and groom can choose their « régime matrimonial ». If they don't choose any, they will automatically be ruled by « communauté de biens réduite aux acquêts ».

If they want to choose another « régime matrimonial », then they need a « contrat de mariage ». This can only be done by a notary (notaire).

If you want to know more about the different « régimes matrimoniaux », if you need some advice, go to a notary.

How can you find one ?

Have a look at the phone book, yellow pages : « notaires », that's it.

4 different « régimes matrimoniaux » exist in France. Whatever the one you choose, you can modify it after 2 years of marriage.



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