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What do I need to know ?

If you rent through a « agence immobilière », contact it directly. You might find a « petite annonce » (advertisement) in the window of the estate agency office. Once you know some names of agencies, you can also check on their website, it's very convenient and updated everyday.
You can also find some « petite annonce » in some of the free newspapers in your letter box. If you visit an apartment with an estate agent, you have nothing to pay until you sign the « bail » (lease).

If you want to rent directly « à un particulier », search on the web « location de particulier à particulier » or « location immobilière de particulier à particulier ». You can also find a lot of « petites annonces » in some of the free newspapers you might receive in your letter box.


You can also try to rent a HLM « habitation a loyer modéré » (council flat). If you try this, the best thing to do is to go to the town house and ask them where is the « office des HLM ». You'll have to fill a « dossier », but you must know there are more applicants than appartments.


If you are a student, check with the « CROUS » or « CNOUS » for a « logement étudiant ». But it's like a HLM : not so many chances to get one.

When you search for your home, you will be asked what kind of housing you want. You also need to know a few words.

You'll have to pay taxes.

In France, you pay a monthly rent.

And you need an insurance.

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