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With the beginning of this new year, you will receive and send  "Season's Greetings" (des voeux).

If you need to send yours, you can find a special postcard. If it's for some of your friends, you can also send an e-card.

What do you write  ?

I show you some of the most used greetings :

"Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2008, une bonne santé et beaucoup de bonheur."

Remember, you use "je" if you're alone, if you're a family, use "on vous souhaite" or "nous vous souhaitons".

You can also write a shorter card :
"Bonne année, bonne santé".

When ?

You can send your "voeux" during January. You can also send them before Christmas. If so, you might add "Joyeux Noël" on your card.

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