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Then you will enjoy a real part of French gastronomy. You can have it in our new selection of gourmet products made in France.

We are happy to introduce to one of our new partners : Maison Saint Lo. This producer based in the Normandy region on the Atlantic coast of France makes fish rillettes, fish terrines, salmon products and of course fish soup.

All their products are made without preservatives or colorants, they only use very high-quality ingredients.


What can you do to remember the taste of your last holidays in France or the smell of a gourmet product?

Enjoy one of the products of the Maison Saint Lo of course!

When you have a fish soup Maison Saint Lo, first you enjoy this beautiful smell, then admire this lovely colour. After you try this fish soup, you are so satisfied with its texture, taste, flavours, that you will always remember this taste.

This soup will remind you of France, that's sure!


Mondizen is your online French shop, we deliver your French products right to your door. When you order on Mondizen, you order a piece of France, coming to you directly from France!

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