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Tourtour is a wonderful medieval French village with an amazing architecture in the South of France. This summer, Mondizen the francophile's shop, takes you to a "tour of France" to view the most beautiful villages of France.

Original shortbread cookies, international shipping ! Get your Bonne Maman galettes au beurre frais delivered to your door ! mondizen is the francophile's shop, we deliver your French products and French food everywhere.

If you want to find a selection of products on sales on Mondizen, the "on sale" section is what you need. In this section, you will find all the products on specials and save a lot of money... or buy more products ! From food to baby products, hygiene...

If you want to celebrate Bastille Day but (still !!) don't know what to do, you should check the website of the Alliance Française of your city / country. They will certainly have some information about this great day ! Enjoy your Bastille Deay everywhere...

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