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Why is the Normandy region so famous for its dairy products?

This is a good question!

This region is close to the Atlantic coast and in the North of France. It often rains, so they have beautiful fields with magnificent green grass. Not to many people, so they have space. This is quite natural that dairy farming developed well in this region of France.

If you go to Normandy, you will ba amazed by the quantity of cream "creme fraiche" Normands people eat. I think it is the only region in France where you can still get a yoghurt with 1cm of thick "creme fraiche" on top. It's so nice!

And this is why they started making milk jam and milk caramel.

Even in their salad they can put some cream, and apples!

Apples is the other big product from Normandy. They make a lot of beautiful desserts with, but they also make some Calvados, a strong alcohol (digestif) and cider. 

And I am sure you know another famous thing about Normandy : Mont St Michel


If one day you can, just make a stop in Normandy, it is a lovely French region, with lovely French products and a lot of gourmet food, and very nice and fresh seafood!


See you soon for another sharing of our passion of France with you!

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