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Our goal at Mondizen.com is to provide French expatriates worldwide with the products they need on a daily basis. Today, Mondizen.com has chosen to think about French women, who have coloured hair, living abroad, and who cannot find suitable shampoos. As coloured hair requires special attention, it is essential to choose specially-adapted products in order to take good care of your coloured hair.

Therefore,Mondizen.com invites French women worldwide to visit the online catalogue where they will find a great selection of high quality French shampoos which will take good care of their hair. We have included the fantastic Dessange mèches lumières, which gives the shine back to your hair and maintains the colour so that your hair looks healthy and never looks dull.


Treat yourself to l’Oréal’s Elsève Color-Vive, which gives a new lease of life to coloured hair and makes the colour last longer.


At Mondizen.com you can find a broad selection of cosmetics. Thanks to Mondizen.com you can continue to buy the French products you know and love.

Remember that if you can’t find the shampoo you are looking for at Mondizen, you can always buy it through the Multi-shop Service! 

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