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Find a large selection of biscuits and cookies on Mondizen your online French store. At Mondizen, our main goal is to provide French expatriates and francophiles worldwide with the broadest possible range of products and that’s why we have a superb range of French biscuits and cookies in our online catalogue at Mondizen.com.


Bonne Maman Biscuits

At Mondizen we know that you miss French products; that’s why we have included Bonne Maman tartelettes. A lovely biscuit with some jam or chocolate on top. These French biscuits will remind you of the French culinary flavours you certainly miss.


LU Biscuits

Mondizen has also included the most French of all biscuits in their online catalogue: les Véritables Petits Beurre de LU. Children and adults alike love these delicious biscuits to be enjoyed at any time of day like Prince, these famous bisciuts filled with chocolate.



St Michel Breton Butter Biscuits


Lastly, savour the subtle, sweet, buttery taste of Breton cuisine when you order all butter Galettes by St Michel or Roudors by St Michel, thick all butter Breton-style shortbread biscuits, you are bound to love them!


Wherever you live in the world, Mondizen can deliver a multitude of your favourite French products anywhere. Delight your friends and family, take advantage of a wide variety of French culinary specialities wherever you are thanks to Mondizen. 

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