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Roast turkey with red cabbage : recipe and ingredients

A tasty all-in-one meal which is really easy to make and full of surprises!


Ingredients from Mondizen:

1 cube bouquet garni (or a real bouquet garni if you are better organised than I am, with: thyme, bay leaf, parsley)


Ingredients from your kitchen

1 turkey roast(in fact, I think you could use any poultry)


1 red cabbage

150g-5.2 oz lardons or bacon bits

1 onion

20 cl- 1 cup dry white wine



Brown the onion and bacon bits in a large sauté pan,

Add the roast, fry for a few minutes until golden (It’s much better if you don’t burn the onions...)

Add the white wine, bouquet garni and the cabbage.

Cover and simmer for a good hour or even one hour and a half.


Bon appétit, it’s absolutely delicious. No need for salt as the dish is well-seasoned, thanks to the bouquet garni and the bacon bits.

Buy the ingredients on Mondizen

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