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Pomkin is a French make of maternity clothing for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Pomkin proposes original, smart and fashionable maternity clothing. 

Maternity dresses

Pomkin has designed a range of smart and fashionable maternity dresses. A selection of fashionable colors and elegant cuts are sure to enhance the beauty of your figure during pregnancy. These dresses can also be worn after the baby is born if you are breast-feeding.

Maternity tops

Pomkin’s objective, with its fantastic collection of tops, is to provide a smart and practical solution for breast-feeding mothers. These comfortable, jersey tops are easy to wear with your favorite skirt or trousers, and have been specially designed to facilitate breast-feeding.

Maternity trousers and shorts

Of course! Even when we are pregnant we want to look our best and look smart, so Pomkin also has designed a great selection of maternity trousers and shorts. The shorts are one of Pomkin’s best-selling items. With Pomkin, you can be at the height of fashion during your pregnancy.

On the Mondizen you can find a great selection Pomkin maternity clothes which can be delivered worldwide. Choose maternity clothes and place an order; Mondizen will deliver your order to your location, wherever you are!


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Consider the amount of coverage you want when choosing a breastfeeding top, as not all of them cover the entire breast during nursing. Using a baby receiving blanket to cover the area when out in<br /> public may solve the problem though.