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Publié par escoffier sandrine

Every week, we offer a new selection of products on sale on Mondize, the francophile's shop.

Let's have a closer look !

For all the mustard lovers, the Amora mild mustard is just what you need, and with 15% off, how will you resist this treat ?!

In the baby section, you will find a lot of good deals like the Bledina Bledilacte strawberry-flavored baby yoghurt or the peach and pear Bledina Bledilacte !

And we are sure you will love the Bonne Maman galettes au beurre frais, a lovely original shortbread biscuit, on sale too !


We have many other good deals on Mondizen, so come and visit us at Mondizen ! We deliver your French products and French food all around the world, right to your door !

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