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If you like (and we know that you LOVE) gourmet and regional products from the South-West of France, especially the Perigord region. Then you will be happy with our new products.

Some of our customers asked for more gourmet products from this region.

So we contacter our supplier Marie Calmeil. Marie Calmeil is a small producer in the Perigord region. They make foie gras, duck rillettes, duck confit and many other exquisite products from the Perigord region.

They make all their products in their farm. Artisanal products, made in the respect of tradition.


Come and visit Mondizen, your online French store, and discover our new French gourmet products. We have a wonderful "rillettes royales", duck rillettes with foie gras, a salad mix, an easy mix to reheat and enjoy with a salad. Green pepper goose pate and so many other excellent things from France!


And many other beautiful French products, so enjoy your visit on Mondizen, receive a part of France wherever you live.

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