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New product on Mondizen: confiture de lait

Do you know confiture de lait?

A jam made with milk, slowly cooked milk, caramelized milk...

It is just wonderful. A soft texture, a very nice taste.

This "confiture de lait" is a product of France, made in a farm in Normandy. It is made in the respect of tradition, this jam is an artisanal gourmet product from France.


You can enjoy your confiture de lait on a slice of bread, on pancakes, on top of a pie, with some icecream and many other things. Just let your imagination go wild!


Mondizen is your online French shop, if you need to get some French products, then you will find them on Mondizen. We ship your French products internationally and deliver them right to your door.


See you soon for more news about Mondizen!

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