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Mondizen, your online French shop has a new organization of its menu. We've made a few changes because we are currently working on a new offer or regional products.

As we want to improve our regional products and gift offer, we've been making a few changes for the last few days.


We moved the "Baby" category from the top menu to the "Expat" category. So, all the baby products, infant formula, baby cereals and baby jars from Bledina and Babybio are still available. But they are now in the "Expat" category.

It's the same for the "Home" products, we moved them from the top menu to the "Expat" category.


Enjoy all your French products, buy them on your online French shop and get them delivered right to your door with Mondizen.

And remember, we also could decrease our shipping prices on many countries, so enjoy!

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