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Made by Emy is a new website which has just been included in the Mondizen multi-shop service. It specializes in bath linen for babies and children.

This is a Belgian site so we have crossed the border this time but it is a charming site and that’s the beauty of the internet!


Made by Emy, sells high quality bath linen for babies and children.

The designs are unique or made in mini-series by Emilie, a young mother herself, who set up this wonderfully creative business.


You will find a broad range of bath robes, capes, bath mitts, flannels, towelling wraps and ponchos.

Some items are also made from organic cotton. It is also possible to customize some of the items.


If you have a present to find, make your life easier… Made by Emy has included gift tokens on their site.


If you live abroad and want your baby to have beautiful bath linen or you want to give some to an expatriate baby you know as a present, you have come to the right place. Made by Emy and Mondizen will provide you with the solution.

Choose a beautiful bath robe or cape with hood or any other product of your choice on the Made by Emy website and let Mondizen deal with the practical aspects of shipment and delivery. Your products will be delivered to your doorstep, wherever you live in the world.


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