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Publié par escoffier sandrine

LesBijoux de Maeva, is a new partner website for the Mondizen Multi-shop specialising in costume jewellery.

The site offers a broad selection of jewellery designed by Maeva, visit the site today and discover some really unusual pieces.

Les Bijoux de Maeva website includes a great range of necklaces and pendants, bracelets, rings ad earrings.

You will find unique pieces of jewellery suitable for weddings but also a range of children’s jewellery.


If you have your own idea in terms of a design, Maeva will make the piece for you.


So, hesitate no longer! Visit the site and be tempted by les Bijoux de Maeva.

Thanksto the Multi-Shop service at Mondizen.com your favourite piece of jewellery can be included in the parcel with your other purchases and will be delivered to you wherever you live in the world. So treat yourself today; Maeva will take care of the design. Mondizen will take care of the shipment and delivery.


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