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If you are a French shopkeepers abroad, you know how difficult it can be to get supplies in small or medium quantities.

You perfectly understand how it can be difficult to find a supplier or wholesaler who would send a box of French products overseas. It’s possible to find a local importer but it’s not an ideal solution. In this case, you have to choose among the products they could import and that's it. Your choice is not so large. 

At Mondizen we offer a service particularly well-adapted to owners of French shops and French restaurants. Shopkeepers can now order directly at Mondizen.com. There is no minimum order and we have the network required to cope with larger orders. We know a lot of suppliers, large suppliers for large orders and we also have a network of local suppliers with very regional products from France. So wether you are a general store a "epicerie fine", you can find what you need on Mondizen.

If you cannot find the products you want in the Mondizen catalogue, you can use the Multi-Shop Service and order your products from different suppliers and wholesalers. With the Multi-Shop service, you can order on any French website. This also gives you the possibility to buy products from producers who only deliver in France. Mondizen will deal with the logistics and send you all the products you have ordered from different websites in just one delivery . In addition, you can complete your order with products from the Mondizen range.

So whether you need 3 packets of Lu biscuits or 5 boxes of Petit Marseillais, we can help supply you wherever you are in the world.

Whatever you sell, we can help you improve your supply chain, logistics and transport.

To save money on transport costs you can join with other shops and take advantage of one shipment only, thus saving on the cost of transport!



The Multi-Shop Service, is just what you need, Mondizen is your solution!

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