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Mondizen offers French products delivered right to your door, either at home or at work.

Mondizen range includes food : foie gras, rillettes, cassoulet, baking chocolate, biscuits, jam and so many other delicious French products,

Hygiene and cosmetics. If you love Le Petit Marseillais, Mondizen is the place to visit ! You will also find Narta deodorants, L'Oreal shampoo & conditioner and many other famous French brands,

Housekeeping. Not so funny but always useful...

Baby products from baby milk to baby food, including organic baby food.


The range of products at Mondizen continues to grow and suggestions are more than welcome !


But Mondizen also offers wonderful services that can make life a little simpler :

The grouped shipping service. This service can help you save a lot of money on your shipping fees !

The customized order service. Despite the wide selection of products, you cannot find THE product you really want ? The customized order service is for you then. Buy this service and we will find your product and make a quote for its purchase + shipping.


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