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Mennen deodorants and after-shaves are available on Mondizen, your francophile's shop. You will find in the Men section of your French store, a large selection of Menne deodorant for men.These sticks are easy to carry and easy to use. They will leave you with a feeling of freshness.

Get a fresh sensation with the Mennen XTreme Pacific blue gel deodorant or the Mennen XTreme Ice Fresh gel deodorant. You can also get the Mennen large stick deodorant in its musc fragrance.


And with the Mennen range of skin-care products for men, you will also find some after-shaves like the Mennen Grand Large after-shave. These Mennen products are very popular in France, and now you can get them even if you live overseas.

Mondizen is the francophile's shop, we deliver your French products right to your door. With Mondizen, get your Mennen deodorant or Mennen after-shave shipped internationally. Visit us at mondizen and discover our large selection of well-being products for men, including Petrole Hahn shampoo and lotion and other products.

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