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At Mondizen, our main objective is to provide French expatriates worldwide, wherever they live, with the highest quality everyday French products.

On Mondizen.com you can order Maison du Café ground coffee for a deliciously relaxing coffee break. Enjoy L’or Doux by Maison du Café and enjoya mild and smooth coffee for unforgettable moments. L’Or Doux with extra flavour coffee chips has also been included in the catalogue for a coffee with a subtle and exceptional flavour. Or Savour the intensity of an exceptional coffee when you order L’or Absolu de la Maison du Café.


In addition to ground coffee, you can also find coffee pads by Maison de Café for Senseo coffee machines. Enjoy a cup of coffee with incomparable flavour when you try Senseo Classique by Maison du Café. As Mondizen tries to satisfy all the needs of French expatriates wherever they are in the world, we have also included Senso Corsé and Senseo Décaféiné (decaffeinated) by la Maison du Café. For a touch of novelty and delicious flavour try Senseo Cappuccino coffee pads, you will savour a perfectly well-balanced scrumptious cappuccino.

Mondizen is the francophile's shop, we deliver your French products all around the world and right to your door ! 

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