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Madeleines flavoured with onion, bacon and thyme

Madeleines are delicious, sweet, buttery-tasting cakes with an easily recognizable shape. They are a classic French pastry but today you can savour them in a savoury version. They make great canapés for a drink before dinner or enjoy them as a tasty appetizer with salad.




For 18 to 20 madeleines


Ingredients from Mondizen

1 teaspoon thyme

1 tablespoon olive oil

½ baking powder

4 tablespoons of light brown sugar (or Demerara)


Ingredients from your kitchen

3 eggs

110g- 3.8 oz plain flour

50g- 2oz butter

2 onions

8 rashersbacon


Madeleines tin



Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl. Add 110g of sifted flour and the melted butter. Add the baking powder.

Mix thoroughly to obtain a smooth mixture.


Put the mixture in the fridge to chill for at least 45mn (The temperature shock gives the Madeleine its characteristic shape!).


Lightly fry the onions in the olive oil. When they are lightly fried, add the brown sugar and stir.

Let them cook on a very low heat for 5 minutes until the onions are caramelized.

Add the thyme and take off the heat.


Leave to cool.


Pour the bacon and caramelized onion into the cake mixture and stir gently.


Pre-heat the oven 240°C.


Pour the mixture into the Madeleine tins.


Bake in the oven for 4 minutes at 240°C then reduce the temperature to 200°C and cook for a further 6 minutes.


Let the Madeleines cool for a few minutes before turning them out onto a cake rack.


Bon appétit!

Buy the ingredients on Mondizen

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