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Let's discover France: Chateau-Chalon

Today, we will discover a lovely village in the Jura region: Chateau-Chalon.

If you like quiet places, then Chateau-Chalon is just what you need. And if you love French food and wine, Chateau-Chalon is a very famous place where "vin jaune" yellow wines are made. 

Chateau-Chalon is the oldest and most famous certified vineyards for vins jaunes, what we call "AOC".



So if you are looking for a peacefull place wher you can enjoy French food and French wines, I think you should go to Chateau-Chalon.

Jura is a beautiful region, it is the region of the Morteau sausage and you will also find a lot of delicious cheeses like Comte, Morbier, Mont d'Or.

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