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On Mondizen, your online French shop, you will find a large selection of exquisite gourmet food. Les Jardins de Marie are the best jams you will ever try.

In 2012, they won the world championship of the jam-makers. And these wonderful jams are already available on many of the best French and international restaurants. They are also served in the hotels.

If you have a special event to celebrate, or if you just want to enjoy an exquisite product, you can have a foie gras with a unique champagne confit with gold. Enjoy the taste of a champagne confit with the beauty of gold.

This jam will shine on your plate. A beautiful taste and a wonderful presentation. This jam will also be the perfect gift to make discover the French gastronomy.


Mondizen delivers your French products, French food all around the world. Get your French products delivered to your door. International shipping of French products.

Les Jardins de Marie are gourmet jams made locally in the North region of France. These jams are all made in a traditional way by Marie.

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