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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les Français et apprendre le français. Welcome to France!


Le Petit Marseillais

On Mondizen, you can enjoy the southern France atmosphere at your home with Le petit Marseillais hygiene range products.

The history of soap goes back to antiquity. From the 17th and 18th centuries Marseille became the 1st Mediterranean center of production and shipment of olive oil based soap. Enjoy today’s efficient, natural and healthy products for your skin with Le Petit Marseillais and Mondizen.


Choose the fragrance that appeals you from Le Petit Marseillais range of shower gel:

Soft almond milk known for its smoothing and nourishing benefits.

Try the wonderful mixture of scents and virtues of verbena and lemon shower gel, the essential oil of Lemongrass that smoothes and relaxes, as lemon rich in vitamin C is recognized for its stimulant properties.

For a delicious relaxing scent try Le Petit Marseillais shower gel with Vanilla Milk, rich and creamy, this shower gel will leave your skin pleasantly fragrant, soft and silky to touch.



And what about Le Petit Marseillais peach and nectarine !


Mondizen is the francophile's shop, get your French products right to your door !

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