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At Mondizen.com we are aware that it’s difficult for French expatriates living abroad to get hold of the products that they were used to using when they lived in France. In addition, some French products cannot be replaced easily, so that’s why we decided to dedicate a website to the sale of French products, so that expatriates and France-lovers could have a great choice of French products delivered to their doorstep wherever they live in the world. You can now find over 2 000 French products, which you can have delivered to any address worldwide at Mondizen.com.

You can now also order gift vouchers at Mondizen.com so that your friends and family members can choose their own products.


Yes, a new system of gift vouchers has been included in the online catalogue, so you can now forget wasting time scouring the internet for gift ideas because your loved-ones will be able to choose for themselves. Of course, you are free to choose the amount you wish to include. At Mondizen.com you can also select a free e-card to accompany your gift vouchers.

Thanks to Mondizen.com, the online store dedicated to French expatriates and France-lovers worldwide, you can enable your friends and family members to appreciate French products whenever and wherever they wish.

Choose gift vouchers and you can be sure that your gift will be appreciated. Include an animated e-card with a great message and your gift is sure to please. Thanks to Mondizen.com you can now send great gifts to people wherever they live in the world.


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That's obviously a wonderful offer anyone could ask for. I think, no other sites would have had the guts to offer something like this. And thanks for sharing this with us. And this way, more people would be able to access the gift offer.
Of course, you are rid to will the sum you request to comprise. At Mondizen.com you can similarly cull a unoccupied e comedian to convoy your donation chits. Acknowledges to Mondizen.com, the online stow committed to French refugees plus France-boyfriends global.