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If you love French food, French products, then there is a chance that you love foie gras. For French expats or francophiles, French foie gras can be difficult to find abroad. This is why, on Mondizen your French shop, you will find a nice selection of foie gras and local products from the South West region of France.


On Mondizen, we selected some local French producers with high quality products. Marie Calmeil is one of these French producers. Marie Calmeil is a family-owned and operated business. The Marie Calmeil family has a farm in the Perigord region where they have their own ducks and geese. 

Marie Calmeil produces delicious foie gras like duck foie gras and goose foie gras. Duck foie gras is available in "bloc de foie gras" or "foie gras entier". A unique texture for a wonderful taste!


Marie Calmeil also produces rillettes. They have a range of rillettes including duck rillettes but also goose rillettes. Rillette is the perfect treat for an aperitif or an entree. A delightful pate.


But Marie Calmeil also produces duck confit "confit de canard". A duck confit is a duck leg slowly cooked in duck fat. It becomes crispy with a lovely golden-brown colour on the outside. As the cooking process is slow, the meat is very tender.

And do you know that medical research has found out that people in the South-West region of France live longer and in very good health? They have no heart disease, no cholesterol and they are not overweight people. It is because the duck fat is a very good fat for the health. So go on, and enjoy your French meal with a good foie gras, rillettes and a duck confit!

Mondizen is your online French shop, buy the French products you like and get them shipped internationally.

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