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French foie gras, international delivery

If you are a French expatriate living abroad you probably miss French specialities! If you are a francohpile, then you probably miss them too!

If you do, wait no longer and visit the Mondizen.com web site where we have included hundreds of your favourite products in our online catalogue. Now you can enjoy all your favourite foods wherever you live in the world. The catalogue is full of delicious, traditional products so you can keep on enjoying them despite the fact that you are thousands of miles away.

Among the most renowned of French products you can now find a great selection of foie gras in the Mondizen online catalogue.

Foie gras is, of course, one of the best-loved French products and you can now enjoy it with friends and family thanks to Mondizen.com.

Foie Gras du Sud-ouest

Take a culinary journey to the beautiful south-west of France when you take a mouthful of delicious Marie Calmeil duck Foie Gras; traditionally produced in the south-west of France. It’s great on canapés, on its own or with Voyage en Saveur confits, which are also available in the online catalogue at Mondizen.com. Marie Calmeil foie-gras is ideal for accompanying drinks before a meal at anytime of the year but especially for Christmas and New Years and other special occasion throughout the year it really is an essential on your dinner table. You can also find whole duck foie gras by Marie Calmeil for an exceptionally delicious treat.


Thanks to Mondizen.com you can have all your favourite French products delivered to your doorstep wherever you live in the world. It’s not because you live abroad that you can no longer enjoy traditional French products. Buy the French products your love, we'll deal with their international delivery for you.

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