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French chocolate for Christmas: papillotes

Yesterday, I received a message from one of our customers asking if the "papillotes" would soon be online.

So, that's what kept us busy for the rest of the day! Yes, it's right, Christmas is coming. We still have time, but it is coming. 

And if you want to enjoy the magic of a French Christmas, well... you really need some papillotes.

Revillon is the leading manufacturer of papillotes. Their chocolates are made in France. 

On Mondizen, your online French shop, you can choose between several flavours of chocolates: dark chocolate papillotes, milk chocolate papillotes, or a mix of dark and milk chocolate.



Papillotes are great!

They shine, they are cute, their paper makes lovely noises when you open them. Then there is always this little story inside or a funny quotation from a famous French person. And then... there is this high quality chocolate, just waiting for you.


I'll talk a little bit more about papillotes in my next post. But if you want to enjoy a French atmosphere for your Christmas, then you need some papillotes!

Talk to you soon and enjoy your French products with Mondizen, your online French store. Buy the French products you love, we deliver right to your door!

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