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Mondizen is your online French store. Our goal is to supply the French products to French expatriates and francophiles worldwide. But at Mondizen we also provide our customers with delicious French specialities. That’s why a special selection of fine jams and preserves has been included in the online catalogue. So delicious that it’s tempting to eat them straight from the jar or on a crusty piece of bread.

Voyage en Saveurs

Voyage en Saveurs jams are now available on the Modizen website. Whether you choose Voyage en Saveurs Rose jam, or Voyage en Saveurs Sweet Orange and gingerbread jam you will love their unique taste. If you are looking for a great gift try an assortment of three Voyage en Saveurs jams. The Voyage en Saveur jams are made from locally-grown and organic ingredients in the Drome region. The Drome region is close to the Provence region in the South-East of France. These jams are made in small production runs and in a traditional way.



Mondizen is your French shop, we deliver your French products right to your door. Enjoy your shopping on Mondizen, buy all the French products you love and get them delivered to your home.

International shipping of your French products.

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