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In the Mondizen online catalogue you can find a large range of delicious French products. Thanks to Mondizen.com, French expatriates, wherever they live, can continue to enjoy their favourite foods, beverages and a range of sundry supplies for all the family. At Mondizen.com you can find a great selection of traditional and essential French products. Take a nostalgic trip back to France when you order your favourites foods online.

Mondizen.com can deliver all your favourite products to your doorstep wherever you live in the world. Order some wonderful French Cassoulet and look forward to enjoying it very soon thanks to Mondizen.com.

We have included William Saurin Cassoulets, a classic for any French national. Pleasure guaranteed for all the family. You can order Cassoulet du Languedoc made with duck or Cassoulet Toulousain made with pork, why don’t you try both and enjoy the wonderful savours of the Languedoc and the Toulouse area.

We also stock La Belle Chaurienne Cassoulet. La Belle Chaurienne Cassoulet is traditionally made with an unmistakeable taste, it’s simply delicious; to be enjoyed with family members and friends for a top quality French meal. In the Mondizen online catalogue you will find pork Cassoulet by la Belle Chaurienne, or Cassoulet made with duck and goose confit by la Belle Chaurienne.


Thanks to Mondizen, you can now have a family get-together and enjoy a delicious French Cassoulet. The Mondizen range of products is ever-expanding, however if you have any special requests regarding products which do not yet feature in the online catalogue, we will do our utmost to satisfy them and deliver your favourite products to your doorstep wherever you live in the world. 

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