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ECards on Mondizen the expatriate and francophile's shop

At Mondizen.com our goal is to deliver French products to French expatriates wherever they may live in the world. Thanks to Mondizen.com you can choose great gifts for your loved-ones or France-loving friends abroad and have them sent to their doorstep wherever they live.

As the staff at Mondizen.com is aware that many of the orders are gifts, we have decided that it would be really handy for you to be able to write the message accompanying your gifts in an attached e-card. So now at Mondizen.com you can find a marvellous selection of animated e-cards. Thanks to the latter the person receiving the parcel of delicious French goodies will simultaneously receive a special e-card containing your message.

What gives more pleasure than giving?


That’s why Mondizen.com has implemented this system of free e-cards, so that those receiving gifts will be all the happier.

Because it’s the thought that counts; Mondizen.com is providing this new service free of charge.

Choose an e-card when you place your order at no extra charge.

We have a selection of cards designed by Ojolie. Ojolie. An artist, who has associated their talent with beautiful stories, in order to design fantastically unusual cards.


Thanks to Mondizen.com you can have your goods delivered to your doorstep wherever you live in the world. Take advantage of a number of new services like free e-card to accompany gifts destined for your friends and family living abroad. 

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