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Mondizen your online French shop dedicated to French expatriates and francophiles all over the world. With Mondizen you can still get hold of your favourite French products wherever you live. Visit us and see our extensive catalogue which includes hundreds of the products you enjoyed when you lived in France.

At Mondizen.com you can find all the tastiest traditional French products. We are currently increasing our offer of regional products, traditional French procuts and local food. Our catalogue includes different types of duck foie gras and goose foie gras and a broad selection of products made in the South of France. Enjoy them today!


You will love Marie Calmeil 100% duck rillettes or goose Rillettes .One mouthful of these delicious products will take you on a culinary journey to the beautiful South-west region of France. The Marie Calmeil products are made in a farm in the Perigord region, the traditional region of foie gras and rillettes. These products are made in a traditional way and the farm is a familly operated business.


In the catalogue you will also find Marie CalmeilConfit de Canard. This duck confit is a delicious duck legs cooked very slowly in duck fat. As your confit is already cooked, you only need to grill them and enjoy a tasty, crispy treat with a tender meat.


Enjoy the very best range of gastronomic French products. We have now included Delice de l’Oustal pate made with goose meat and foie gras, it’s absolutely delicious on a piece of crusty fresh breads, you are bound to love its exceptional taste.

Foie gras Medallions

Be tempted by Marie Calmeil foie gras medallions, a delicious medallion of foie gras coated on either side with delicious pate. It’s great on canapes for instance if friends turn up for a drink unexpected.


Mondizen is your French store, you will find a whole host of tasty French products. Enjoy your life abroad without having to give up the products you enjoyed the most back home. Savour them with friends and loved ones soon, we ship internationally.

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