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At Mondizen.com, our goal is to provide and deliver high quality French products to French expatriates worldwide, wherever they live. At Mondizen.com, we attach a great deal of importance to the welfare of your family, and so we have decided to include a good selection of products dedicated to children and babies in our online catalogue.

Among the products dedicated to children and babies, you can find a broad range of high quality shampoo.


Shampoo for babies

Thanks to Mondizen.com, you can still purchase the French products you know and love wherever you may happen to be living. Order extra gentle baby shampoo by Mixa Bébé, you will be taking good care of your children’s extra delicate hair. For eco-friendly product fans, it is now also possible to purchase shampoo and shower gel/Shampoo by l’Arbre Vert.



Shampoo for children


At Mondizen.com, you can also find classic French children’s shampoo like strawberry-scented P’tit Dop 2 in 1. Thanks to P’tit dop shampoo, bath-time or shower-time will be all the merrier. P’tit op shampoo smells gorgeous and doesn’t sting little eyes. A high quality shampoo for all the family!


Anti-Nit and lice Shampoo

At Mondizen.com we have also thought about some hair issues which may affect your children. We have included some essential products like Marie Rose Shampooing anti-poux et lentes (anti-nit and lice shampoo), and Marie Rose anti-poux Spray (nit spray) for hair and clothes, which complements the action of the Marie Rose shampoo. By combining the two, your will eradicate nits and lice for good.



Treat yourself to French products at Mondizen.com. Order your favourite products today and have them delivered to your doorstep wherever you live in the world. 

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