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Thanks to Mondizen, you can enjoy festive drinks and cocktails before meals and share quality time with friends and loved ones.

Our goal at Mondizen is to provide French expatriates worldwide with all the French products they miss from home, that’s why we have now added a great selection of snack and cocktail biscuits to our online catalogue.

Treat your friends to an Alsace speciality in the form of Dr Oetker Bretzels by Ancel. These crunchy salt covered biscuits will tickle your taste buds; they are a great choice as you will immediately be transported by the savours of Alsace the land of Bretzels.

In the Modizen catalogue you can also find Belin cheese-flavoured crackers without which no French appéritif would be complete. Everyone loves them.


For the more inventive among you, Ritz crackers have also been added to the catalogue, they are delicious as they are, but you can also make wonderful canapés with them by just adding a few simple ingredients!

Finally, what can we say about Belin Chipsters, you’ll never forget the unforgettable taste of these crunchy puffed potato chips!

There are plenty of other snack and cocktail biscuits at Mondizen.com, share quality time and reminisce about France thanks to French products ordered at Mondizen.com


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