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December… Christmas is coming soon!

One thing that I love about France, is all the Christmas traditions. In fact, it's  not just about Christmas. It begins in December (so, here we are!) and lasts until January.

That's what we call "les fêtes".

So, I've decided to have a break with our discovery of the most beautiful villages of France, and to take you to another journey during the month of December: a discovery of different French traditions before Chrismas.


Let's go! The first is the Avent calendar "calendrier de l'Avent". It is the countdown until Christmas and it starts on the first of December until the 24th.

Nowadays, you can get Avent calendars in nearly every shop in France. Each day, you can open a little box of your calendar... and get a chocolate!


Bon appetit! 

Talk to you soon for another French tradition.

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