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Publié par escoffier sandrine

If you want to take care of your favourite wool jumper or if you want your black trousers to last; then you will enjoy the deal of this week on Mondizen, your French shop.

Get a 30% discount on Mir laine, a laundry detergent special wool. 

And get another 30% discount on Mir black magic, a special dark clothes detergent.


Mondizen is your online French shop, buy French products and receive them delivered at home. We will take care of the international delivery. On Mondizen, you will find a selection of homecare products, especially from the French brand Arbre Vert. Arbre Vert is a French producer making organic cleansing products. On Mondizen, you will find many products from the Arbre Vert. With these products, you make sure that when you clean your home, you also take care of the earth.

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